From the Editors of Conceptions Review

From the Editors of Conceptions Review
An update from the editors

Conceptions Review has published a wonderful array of essays since its launch in March: Moises Hernandez on the Migrant Caravan; Leslie Bary on magical realism; Kendall Dinniene on food; Andrés R. Amado on performativity; Joseph Spagna on fruit flies; and Sean Williams, our inaugural piece, on music.

We have multiple articles that are still in progress. Some of these include topics such as business school, gender, pedagogy, religion, and Texas history. Follow us on social media for further updates.

Conceptions Review is still looking for additional pieces. We are open to all sorts of ideas and with life being particularly chaotic, we are more than happy to give our potential authors as much time as they need. We seek articles that are around 1000 words and are accessible to a wide audience.

We wish everyone a great holiday season!